Navy Warship’s Secret Mission Off West Africa Aims to Help Punish Venezuela

Adver­tise­ment Con­tin­ue read­ing the main sto­ry Sup­port­ed by Con­tin­ue read­ing the main sto­ryNavy Warship’s Secret Mis­sion Off West Africa Aims to Help Pun­ish Venezuela The tale of the cruis­er San Jac­in­to under­scores the Trump administration’s ani­mus toward Venezuela and how the post­elec­tion purge of

WHO: Equitable, Global Distribution of 2 Billion COVID-19 Vaccine Doses to Begin in 2021

Near­ly two bil­lion dos­es of COVID-19 vac­cines have been secured for equi­table dis­tri­b­u­tion in 2021 to the 190 coun­tries that have signed on to a World Health Orga­ni­za­­­tion-led part­ner­ship, accord­ing to a Fri­day announce­ment from the group.  Offi­cials from the