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“Cov­er­age of the African con­ti­nent con­sti­tutes only 5.6 per­cent of inter­na­tion­al news pro­duced by US news media. This 5.6 per­cent offers for its intend­ed audi­ence lit­tle depth in the por­tray­al of an entire con­ti­nent. Asya A. Beso­va, and Skye Chance Coo­ley, For­eign News and Pub­lic Opin­ion, 2010” 

We designed this page to give you direct access to some of the lead­ing US news media orga­ni­za­tions that have an impor­tant say in the cov­er­age of African News. A lot of these news media wel­come cor­rec­tions and addi­tion­al insight to sto­ries they pub­lished. If you’ve read or watched some­thing ques­tion­able in the news, say something. 

Fol­low­ing the below links will take you to a place where you can contact these news orga­ni­za­tions directly.