Window of opportunity closing for South Sudan, on road to lasting peace

With eight months remaining, the window of opportunity is closing for South Sudan to meet critical benchmarks required to complete its transition away from long-running civil conflict, the Special Representative for the country told the Security Council on Monday, pressing parties to the November 2018 peace deal, to implement their commitments in letter and spirit.

New South Sudan Parliament can ‘infuse urgency’ into peace process

South Sudan has made history with the appointment of two women to senior leadership positions within its Transitional National Legislature, the top United Nations official in the country told the Security Council on Wednesday, as he encouraged parties to build on these gains in efforts to overcome significant political and security headwinds.

Advocates in Denver Decry Rights Abuses in South Sudan    

February 22 is the latest deadline set by the international community, including the leading sponsors of peace in South Sudan – the United States, United Kingdom, Norway, and Italy –for both the government and the opposition to reach an agreement and resolve the conflict in the war-torn country. This deadline to form a unity government…

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