Libyan rivals resume U.N.-brokered talks on elections | AP News

CAIRO (AP) — Rival Libyan offi­cials on Sun­day resumed talks in the Egypt­ian cap­i­tal, the lat­est U.N.-led efforts to agree on con­sti­tu­tion­al amend­ments for elec­tions as the North African nation again finds itself at a polit­i­cal impasse.Twelve law­mak­ers from Libya’s east-based par­lia­ment and 11 from the High Coun­cil of State, an advi­so­ry body from west­ern Libya, were attend­ing the Cairo-host­ed talks, said Abdul­lah Bli­heg, the parliament’s spokesman.The U.N. spe­cial advis­er on Libya, Stephanie Williams, said the talks aim at address­ing core chal­lenges — includ­ing the polit­i­cal sys­tem, eli­gi­bil­i­ty cri­te­ria, and a time­line for elec­tions. She advised the atten­dees that they have until May 28 to come with an agreement.“This ses­sion con­sti­tutes your last chance to pro­vide a cred­i­ble response to the expec­ta­tions of the Libyan peo­ple and make con­crete progress on these issues,” she said.The first round of the talks

Tensions rise in Libya as risk of ‘parallel governments’ grows, Security Council hears

Amid a polit­i­cal impasse that threat­ens to see Libya frac­tured again by two par­al­lel gov­ern­ments, the pri­or­i­ty must be main­tain­ing hard-won gains and ful­fill­ing the elec­toral aspi­ra­tions of near­ly three mil­lion reg­is­tered vot­ers, the UN polit­i­cal affairs chief told the Secu­ri­ty Coun­cil on Wednesday.


After Years of Conflict, Libya Struggles for Unity

An African Nation Con­tend­ing with Two Gov­ern­ments Ten­sions in Libya have risen again with the appoint­ment of a new Pre­mier, Fathi Bashagha, by the Par­lia­ment in Tobruk. Bashagha is now con­tend­ing for the posi­tion with Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, an UN-rec­og­nized leader. After the announce­ment, Bashagha went to Tripoli air­port to deliv­er his inau­gur­al speech as…

Joe Biden

How Six Newspapers in Africa Portrayed the Joe Biden Win

Joe Biden was pro­claimed the win­ner of the 2020 Amer­i­can pres­i­den­tial race on Sat­ur­day, Nov. 7. Biden crossed the 270 Elec­toral Col­lege votes thresh­old need­ed to secure the pres­i­den­cy. The rest of the votes are still being count­ed. They are yet to be cer­ti­fied by each of America’s 50 states. In elec­toral par­lance, Biden is now…


A Case for Susan Rice as US Vice President

As Amer­i­ca crawls toward the Novem­ber 3 Gen­er­al Elec­tion, there is plen­ty of spec­u­la­tion, includ­ing prog­nos­ti­ca­tion, about who for­mer vice-pres­i­­dent and pre­sump­tive Demo­c­ra­t­ic nom­i­nee Joe Biden will pick as his run­ning mate.  First, some con­text. Per­haps you are not a polit­i­cal junkie, you are just a layper­son or an aver­age Joe and may be won­der­ing why…