Africa in the news: Elections in Ghana, US relations with Somalia and Morocco, and trade in East Africa

Incumbent President Nana Akufo-Addo declared winner of Ghanaian elections On Wednesday, December 9, Ghana’s incumbent president Nana Akufo-Addo won a second term in office, winning 51.59 percent of the vote in general elections that took place on Monday. Opposition leader

Cameroon Opposition Leader’s De Facto House Arrest Ends

YAOUNDE – Hundreds of supporters of Cameroon opposition leader Maurice Kamto have gathered at his home after his months-long de facto house arrest suddenly ended. Heavily armed police stationed at his home since September 22 left on Tuesday, but authorities

How Six Newspapers in Africa Portrayed the Biden Win

Joe Biden was proclaimed winner of the 2020 American presidential race on Saturday, Nov. 7. Biden crossed the 270 Electoral College votes threshold needed to secure the presidency. The rest of the votes are still being counted. They are yet to be certified by each of America’s 50 states. In electoral parlance, Biden is now…

Negative Headlines Mark the 38th Anniversary of Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya’s Stay in Office

The governing record of Paul Biya, Cameroon’s current leader, is making the news rounds, again. Biya assumed office as president of the centrally located African nation on Nov. 6, 1982. He’s been president now for 38 long years. Biya, now 87 years old, became president after serving as prime minister under the late President Ahmadou…

If Trump’s Africa Strategy Is A Failure — What Would Biden Do If He Wins?

The United States is less than four months away from the election that would determine control of not just the Senate and the House which make up the legislative branch of the American government, but also control of the executive branch, the White House. As the coronavirus rages, and as protests over the mistreatment of…