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Africans Markets, Grocery Stores in Colorado

Many peo­ple have asked us where some of the Best African Mar­kets in Col­orado are locat­ed. Often we’ve direct­ed them to web­sites such as Africa in the Rock­ies where they can obtain this infor­ma­tion. Today we decid­ed to pub­lish this infor­ma­tion on Africa News Mat­ters and make it quick­ly avail­able to you. The area includes stores in Auro­ra, Den­ver, Lake­wood, Boul­der, Col­orado Springs, and oth­ers. How­ev­er, list­ing this infor­ma­tion here does not con­sti­tute the endorse­ment of any of these mar­kets. It is for infor­ma­tion­al pur­pos­es only. Also, please note that if the phone num­ber and address list­ed for any of these mar­kets changed, we have no way of know­ing. Enjoy shop­ping, and we wish you all the best! For a list of African restau­rants in the area, click here

Nana African Market

Gro­cery store

10223 E Iliff Ave · In lliff Pointe Shop­ping Center

 (303) 755‑7985

“West African (Ghan­ian) Market.”

In-store shop­ping

Makola African Market

Gro­cery store

Auro­ra, CO

(303) 341‑4771

“One of the only African Mar­kets in Colorado.”

In-store shop­ping

Kantamanto African Market

Gro­cery store

Auro­ra, CO

 (303) 360‑7200

“This place has every­thing African”

In-store shop­ping



African goods store

Auro­ra, CO

 (303) 537‑5554

“Great place for African food”

In-store shop­ping


J‑Love African International Market

Fresh food market

Auro­ra, CO · In Havana Plaza

 (720) 573‑6110

“The best african mar­ket around!”

In-store shop­ping



Gro­cery store

Auro­ra, CO

 (720) 826‑3810

“If you need African organ­ic food this is the place to go.”

In-store shopping·In-store pickup


African Inter­na­tion­al Mar­ket LLC

African goods store

Auro­ra, CO · In Sev­en Hills Plaza

 (303) 523‑9310


Akente Express

4.8(215) · African goods store

919 Park Ave W

(303) 297‑8817


International Market

Gro­cery store

2318 S Col­orado Blvd · In Welshire Plaza


La Promesse Business

4.6(16) · Gro­cery store

Auro­ra, CO

(303) 364‑9613


Accra Kumasi

Gro­cery store

Auro­ra, CO · In 7‑Eleven

 (303) 343‑3425


Mer­ha­ba Inter­na­tion­al Market

Gro­cery store

6879 Leets­dale Dr

(303) 333‑7653


Dol­lar Groceries

4.6(79) · Gro­cery store

Auro­ra, CO

 (303) 353‑4527


Lagos Inter­na­tion­al Market

Gro­cery store

Auro­ra, CO

(303) 360‑7837


Black Sea Market

Gro­cery store

7920 E Mis­sis­sip­pi Ave # M · In PARKER POINT

 (303) 743‑8163


Park Hill Supermarket

 Gro­cery store

3770 E 40th Ave

(303) 823‑3088


She­belle Mar­ket & Insur­ance Agency


Auro­ra, CO

 (303) 364‑8587


M & I Inter­na­tion­al Market

Gro­cery store

909 S Onei­da St

(303) 331‑1590


Almostafa International Market

Gro­cery store

2199 S Park­er Rd

 (303) 337‑6527


L & A Market


Auro­ra, CO

(720) 213‑0240


Zamzam Halal Inter­na­tion­al Mar­ket & Deli

Gro­cery store

7449 E Iliff Ave · In Cen­tral Park Shop­ping Center

(303) 745‑4555


Sun Valley International Food Market

Gro­cery store

1229 W 10th Ave

 (303) 975‑6012


African Mini Mall

Shop­ping mall

1842 S Park­er Rd

 (303) 242‑9352


Den­ver Halal Market

Gro­cery store

In Mar­ket Square at Mis­sis­sip­pi and Havana Shop­ping Center

 (303) 751‑6661


Ghana Inter­na­tion­al Market

Gro­cery store

 (303) 360‑7200


Merka­to Market

Food prod­ucts supplier

7227 E Col­fax Ave

 (303) 399‑6116




Auro­ra, CO

 (303) 953‑9271


Sheger Inter­na­tion­al Market

 Gro­cery store

4806 Cham­bers Rd · In Cham­bers Place Shop­ping Center

 (720) 216‑1658


Black & White

Cloth­ing store

Park­ing lot, 12445 E 39th Ave Unit 204

 (303) 371‑6571


Mid­dle East Market

Gro­cery store

2254 S Col­orado Blvd

 (303) 756‑4580


Kingston Mar­ket

Gro­cery store

Auro­ra, CO

 (303) 873‑7035


World Food Bazaar

Indi­an gro­cery store

Auro­ra, CO

 (720) 858‑1112


Mile High Halal Market

Gro­cery store

7950 E Mis­sis­sip­pi Ave C · In PARKER POINT

(303) 974‑2188


Ani­ma’s African Marketplace

African goods store

 (720) 437‑9673