Africa News Highlights — Each day important events involving the African continent happen around the world. Some of these events, unprecedented, others mundane in nature, attract the attention of journalists, bloggers, and ordinary citizens alike. Why news managers chose to highlight some stories and not others, leaving important stories on the back end, is a question at the core of the mission of Agenda Agenda and Africa News Matters. These daily, weekly, and sometimes monthly highlights are a way to bridge the gap between the need to keep you adequately informed about the African continent and the desire of news managers to take the easy way out. This approach may bring in the ratings, and yet leave you uninformed.

Each day — week or month  — our writers and editors take the time to sift through the hundreds of stories about the continent circulating — to get you what you need to know and why things happened. Even while we strive to use software tools to get the news into a single spot for easy understanding, we still scout for the news manually, reading and watching the news ourselves and being on the alert. This is what watchdogs do.

We hope it will be helpful in sorting out the important stuff in a world inundated with information and breaking headlines, and bring your attention to the issues that may not have gotten the most coverage during the week. Please support this effort by making a contribution to Africa News Matters and Africa Agenda! Thank you!

Africa News Highlights — April 8, 2022

DENVER — (AFRICA NEWS MATTERS)  AFRICA NEWS HIGHLIGHTS — April 8, 2022. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? April 7, 2022 — The New York Times The New York Times: A Covid Mystery in Africa. April 4, 2022 — FIFA Third time lucky for Cameroon?. April 4, 2022 — My Broadband South Africa’s top…